Judging from the performance of some data, the current US economy is showing signs of relative improvement. In the United States, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the week of May 30 was 1.877 million, which was lower than the revised previous value of 2.126 million; the number of ADP jobs in the United States fell by 2.76 million in May, which was lower than expected by 9 million, and the previous value was also Modified from a decrease of 20.236 million to a decrease of 19.557 million. In addition, data shows that the US May Markit Service Industry Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) final value was 37.5, higher than the initial value of 36.9. In May, the ISM non-manufacturing PMI was 45.4, higher than the previous value of 41.8. In terms of manufacturing, the US May Markit manufacturing PMI final value was 39.8, and the May ISM manufacturing PMI waPrecious metal companies that accept Bitcoins 43.1, which was higher than the previous value of 41.5.

Although the United States passed an interim resolution at the last hour to avoid the embarrassing situation of the government shutdown. However, some market participants pointed out that the scale of US government debt will reach the upper limit within a month, and Congress needs to approve an increase in the debt ceiling, otherwise the US may default on debt. Once the contract defaults, the U.S. dollar will face another negative factor besides the spread factor.

On that day, the price of silver futures for delivery in March 2013 fell by 61.1 cents to close at $31.669 per ounce, a decrease of 1.89%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in January 2013 fell by $14.8 to close at $1,593.7 per ounce, a decrease of 0.92%.

From the perspective of valuation, the current valuation level of the non-ferrous metal industry has entered a historical high range; relative to the market valuation level, the PB ratio is also close to the historical high period. Orient Securities predicts that the ROE (return on equity) of the non-ferrous metals industry in 2009 will be lower than the 2008 level, about 3.5%, but it will form a bottom. In 2010, the ROE level of the industry will gradually rise by more than 8%. From the perspective of industry PB, it has risen from 2.35 times at the end of last year to the current 4.5 times, which is close to the corresponding ROE level of 15.78% in 2005.

In addition, for the consumption of gold, He Peide believes that it will also be an important factor driving the rise of gold prices. In the next five years, the jewellery market will grow by 40%. This means that the mode of economic growth in the next five years may change, from the economic growth achieved by heavy industry and fixed asset investment in the past to consumer-oriented economic development, such as the demand for gold. Up to this point. He Peide said.

In addition to huge debts, the United States, the locomotive of the global economy, has also encountered a serious employment crisis. Many economistPrecious metal companies that accept Bitcoins are pessimistic that Obama's latest $450 billion employment plan may not quickly change the unemployment rate as high as 9.1%. The US employment growth stagnated in August, and the market therefore speculated that the Fed would propose some form of expansion of the existing loose monetary policy later this month.

Since October, international gold and silver prices have continued to fluctuate and fall, and Shencheng Gold Jewelry has also sharply cut twice in a month. Yesterday, it has fallen to the August level of 394 yuan/g. In addition, the decline in gold prices also dragged down the previously hot gold investment market.